Mackenzie Mitts

Considered by many to be the Holy Grail of handcuffs

A quote from Alex Nichol's "Guidebook to Handcuffs" states: "The McKenzie Mitts restraint, patented in 1925, must be one of the most unusual restraints ever actually made and used.....It is said that only about two dozen or so pairs were made.
Of the twenty known surviving pairs, six are nickel plated, and the others have a black finish".

The McKenzie Mitts handcuffs are unique in that they completely encased the girls hands making escape impossible even if she has the key!

Each cuff locks in two different areas:

How the Cuff Works
1: The four fingers and thumb are slipped into position. 
2: The cuffs are closed around the open hand locked by a lock mechanism located on the outside edge of the thumb.
3: Finally an adjustment chain and curved ratchet surround the wrist and is then inserted into the ratchet receiver located on the back of the wrist until tight. 

No escape for any cute Maiden!